Green Coconuts - 300ml
Coconut water has five vital electrolytes- sodium ions, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus. Electrolytes help the process of body hydrating and is important for the right function of veins, heart and muscles.

For thousands of years is a natural source of hydration and good feeling for inhabitants of tropics.
In some cultures coconut tree is called ‘tree of life’, because every part of it can be used in multiply ways. For example coconut oil is a natural way of hydrating the skin and hair, also it is a big source of potassium – much bigger than bananas.
In parts of world, like south east Asia, south Pacific, Caribbean and south America (Brazil is one of the main producers), coconut water is sweet low-calorie and easy alternative for water, sweetened drinks or juices.

Coconut water is taken straight from young green coconuts ( about 5 months) when they gen the optimal nutrients.
Coconut water is picked up by hand and packed just in few hours after picking up.

RiRi Acqua do Cocco has no preservatives, concentrates, fat or sugar. Has about 40% lower calories than normal sport drinks. RiRi Acqua di Cocco is healthy and effective alternative for hydrating organism.
Our coconut water hydrates even quicker that water. As a vitamin bomb it makes organism strong, healthy and full of energy. It is just like a sport drink but does not contain artificial substances.

Whenever you want to satisfy thirst or during workouts at the gym, take your 'RiRi Acqua di Cocco' !

Coconuts available with a capacity of 300ml.